Come Sing & Play with us!
Swing along, Sing along
Running only on MONDAY's 9:30 - Noon

Happy New Year!
We are back on Monday Mornings only for 2019

Sing along with us Soon


Critter Visits

Priced thinking of you and your growing family!

Moppets Runs Monday Mornings - Thanksgiving to May
$10 per family
to drop in for any Moppet Morning.

For example, that means: ... $10 with a mom an her son or daughter
$10 for gramma with her 3 grandkids
$10 for a dad and his 2 kids
$10 for mom with 2 month old, a toddler AND a pre-schooler
JUST $10 per family each time you come ...

COFFEE and JUICE with cookies are supplied (so you can pass on by Timmies and save$) with a FULL Morning Program from 9:30 to noon each week!

Families with newborns are ALWAYS FREE
until the youngest is 10- weeks old.
Whether it is your first or third child, bring all your pre-school children for FREE for those first precious weeks. It's my gift to celebrate your new arrival. Come to any or all Moppet Mornings. Find the routine best for you then settle in as you sing and socialize with new friends.

Parents can bring a friend or family member to help out. Gramma's, Granddads and other relatives (Without their own children present) are all part of that drop-in FAMILY price. Relatives with children are counted as another family.

Individual Day Care providers can bring 2 children at the weekly rate ($10), and are charged one additional fee for all other moppets in their care (total $20).

Day Care groups are most welcome but should contact Karen for arrangements in advance.

Bring-a-Friend rates! If you bring a friend who has never attended Moppets before, you both pay HALF PRICE that session.
Only $5 per family that week.

Great reason to let your friends know. BE SURE to check in with Karen and let her know you're exepecting company and who she should watch out for at check in!






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