Come Sing & Play with us!
Swing along, Sing along
Every Monday & Thursday from 9:30 - Noon

Back for the FALL and through till Christmas!

NOTE: Monday, Nov. 27
MOPPETS will NOT be running at St. Stephens


Critter Visits

Your Moppet Morning
All Moppet mornings have the same schedule to allow ease to swap between locations with minimum effort.

Doors open at 9:30 am with a half hour Warm Up and Welcome
This allows new families to settle in and fill out a form, ask questions and get used to the facilities.
Coffee & Tea are ready so have your re-fillable mug ready or use one of our cups.
Children will find a small collection of toys on our circle time quilt zone to play with as parents socialize.

Circle Time begins at 10 sharp. The toys are "put to sleep" and tucked away. Karen will lead the group for 40 minutes with songs, rhymes, tickles, bounces and lullabies. Favourites are done each week with many new ones mixed in to keep it fresh. Songs and rhymes are learned by repetition so don't worry if there is new material to you. Keep coming back and we'll do it again in the following weeks.
Do you have a song you'd like to hear? Is there a tune you just can't remember? Don't hesitate to request it and we'll sing it just for you.

Snack Time follows with juice, coffee, tea and cookies supplied. Families are welcome to bring a snack for their wee ones. We follow the NO NUTS rule like most daycares and schools.
Social Time continues through until just before noon. The toys come out and children move about the room playing with a lovely collection of classic toys for boys and girls of all ages. Parents and care givers mix and mingle with adults and kids.

Families trickle away as their schedules require with some departing as children fall asleep for naptime, dash for an appointment or stay till the last minute to get all they can from the Moppet Mornings.

Facilities: You'll find lots of free parking at every Moppet Spot! Both Moppet locations can be found in lovely church spots which offer a warm and friendly space. You are welcome to use the HANDICAPPED SPOTS to be closer to the entrance too! (NOTE: there are 4 stairs to get to the Moppet lower level at Sacred Heart Church on Thursday's. Monday Moppets has an elevator if needed.)

We're breastfeeding friendly and encourage you to find a comfortable way and spot to feed your wee Moppet as needed!
Diaper Change areas are at each Moppet Spot and we ask parents to be prepared to take soiled diapers with them. The churches appreciate it!

Music For Moppets is the local ongoing community playgroup with a musical foundation, for children and their parents or caregivers, in a welcoming space at a reasonable cost.
The unique offering of Music For Moppets combines the formal Circle Time with a balance of free play and socializing.
Full morning programs run from 9:30 to noon.

CLICK here for CHEX TV footage of thier visit to a Moppet Morining







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